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Dr. Umar Johnson ~ The Anatomy of a Revolution!

Dr. Umar Johnson ~ The Anatomy of a Revolution!

Dr. Umar Johnson3Dr. Umar Johnson discusses the steps necessary to liberate a nation from oppression! In this video, Dr. Umar Johnson lucidly highlights some of the common practices of whites in the process of perpetuating the white supremacy agenda. He gives viewers a peek inside of the white supremacy handbook.

After revealing some of the key strategies of white supremacy, Dr. Johnson unveils the strategy or blueprint for a political and financial revolution. He points out the fact that the lack of numbers as far as blacks are concerned means that a military revolution is not possible; however, a political and economic revolution is well within our grasp.

It is important for us to spend the time to get to know our enemy and how they move, function and think. We must also become familiar with the strategies that we must execute in order to free ourselves from the manacles of oppression. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

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