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Weaponized Whiteness: Its Historical Impact & The Need for Disarmament

Weaponized Whiteness: Its Historical Impact & The Need for Disarmament

Weaponized Whiteness: Its Historical Impact & The Need for Disarmament

Weaponized Whiteness

Weaponized Whiteness ~ One thing that the recent incident between NFL player, Cam Newton, and sports reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue has done is remind us of the danger of weaponized Whiteness, especially when it is aimed at a Black man. The weaponization of Whiteness, specifically when it is perpetrated by a White female like Jourdan Rodrigue, has proven lethal far too many times in our past. To understand how Whiteness can be weaponized and aimed with such great accuracy, we must develop a lucid perspicacity of history in this country.

“This may seem a contradiction, but … it is neither a crime nor an absurdity. When we profess, as our fundamental principle, that liberty is the inalienable right of every man, we do not include madmen or idiots; liberty in their hands would become a scourge. Till the mind of the slave has been educated to perceive what are the obligations of a state of freedom, the gift would ensure its abuse.” 

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“Keep poor whites as separate, and as distinct as possible from the Negroes, who want no encouragement to mix with, and become too familiar (for no good purpose) with these kinds of people.” George Washington


Although the reality expressed in the aforementioned excerpt does not support the idea of harmony and progression that we so desperately want to embrace, it is, whether by desire or design, the very legacy that so heavily influences the governance of this country that we now call home. There is an inherent postulation among most of Whites in this country that Blacks are innately armed with unbridled rage, unruliness and a proclivity for antinomianism. From the onset of the building of this nation, its architects constructed mechanisms based on the idea of Black barbarianism with a desire and need to shield itself from such behavior out of unadulterated fear.

Part of the White psychosis is its malignant narcissism that drives its egocentric approach to view the world around it. For Whites, the Eurocentric idea is universal, therefore Afrocentric matters are always viewed through the lens of objectivity, which is one of the reasons why it is virtually impossible to get White people to understand the plight of Blacks.

The weaponization of Whiteness is given its power based on the fear associated with the idea that the Black man has superhuman power leading the White racial caste system in this country to arm itself with legalized serial forced displacement (including redlining, urban renewal, benign neglect, and gentrification), direct terror through multiple forms that include the sanctioned killing of unarmed Black men by White police officers, and the miseducation of Black youth for the purpose of docility and subjugation — just to name a few. Therefore, no matter how absurd it sounds, White officers can state that they feared for their lives to justify the murder of Black men. Whiteness has been weaponized through discriminatory hiring practices and the purposeful disruption of the Black family nucleus. It has expressed itself in subtle nuances of lending practices that serve to lock out Blacks from gaining equal footing in the race to build wealth.

Even the public education system is a representation of the weaponization of Whiteness as it supports the suggestion of Black inferiority at every turn — not to mention the disproportionality at which young Black males are referred for special education assessments. It is one way that the Black male is alienated from the educational process in a way that increases the likelihood that he will drop out before graduating — exponentially increasing his chance of becoming incarcerated.

To gain an understanding of why it is so easy for White police officers to gun down unarmed Black men, you must be able to take a step backward to understand how the paradigm that governs how Whites perceive Blackness and how that perception produces a form of White fragility. It is this White fragility that leads to White violence and there is no creature assumed to be more fragile than the White female, rendering to her the greatest capacity to weaponize her Whiteness through the exposure of her fragility to the big bad Black man.

Born in Captivity: Psychopathology as a Legacy of Slavery

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While the Black man may see himself in a power struggle with the White man, I would suggest that his greatest threat is the White woman. This racial caste system and the erroneous ideology that sustains it recognizes the fragility of White women like no other. Because this system is the result of a patriarchal dynamic, we often make the fallible assumption that White females pose no threat — that she is harmless. The truth is that the psychopathological disruption of the emotional and psychological equilibrium of the White woman is equal or maybe even greater than that of the White man. While the White man possesses and wields the power afforded by institutional racism, it is often the White woman who manipulates its use to serve her own purpose. She is just a calculative and callous as her male counterpart and potentially more deceptive.

One of the most frustrating propositions for me is the interracial marriage that is supposed to prove that the two races can live in harmony. I am even more perplexed when the Black man flees the yearnings of the Black woman to lay next to the White woman and her fragility. The White woman has proven that her psychosis has no bounds, often killing her own White mate for as little as alleviating an unwanted inconvenience.

When there is something to gain or something significant to lose, there is nothing on this planet more dangerous than a White woman who is willing to weaponize her Whiteness to meet the desired end.

Multitudinous Black men have been lynched because a White woman weaponized her Whiteness, and thousands have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for the same reason. Even complete towns and communities have been ravaged and destroyed because a White woman claimed that a Black man wronged her.

A false claim of rape led to the destruction of the town of Rosewood. A Black man bumping into a White woman on an elevator led to the burning of Greenville (Black Wall Street). And the Wilmington massacre of 1898 was the result of an editorial by Ida B. Wells that suggested that there was nothing special about poor White women who were prone to clandestine meetings with Black men.

The instability of White fragility considers a White woman to have been violated even when she consents to a sexual encounter with a Black man. It is my assertion that a Black man can never achieve stable footing in a relationship in which all his Wife has to do is suggest wrong on his part to bring about is demise.

What Jourdan Rodrigue did to Cam Newton was a classic example of a White woman weaponizing her Whiteness to put a Black man in his place While gaining the attention and sympathy of the masses.

Because of their collective psychoses, which I personally believe is a direct result of their traverse of the Euro-ice age, inhibits them from experiencing love in the same way Blacks experience it because the moment they feel threatened they will strike out, whether the threat is real or not.

So, if Whites have the capacity to weaponized their Whiteness, is it possible for Blacks to weaponize their Blackness? Absolutely! The way that Blacks weaponize our Blackness is by weaponizing the Black dollar. We must give the Black dollar meaning through focused spending associated with a highly specified spending agenda. Weaponization comes from a position of power, and power is created through the attainment of wealth and the position and influence it provides.

It is virtually impossible to take an aggressive approach from a position of dependence.


“If the Negro in the ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto.” ~ Carter G. Woodson
As long as we continue to spend our money into an economy that benefits our oppressor, we are literally financing our own demise. We must first withdraw our money from any economic entity that does not support Black interests, and we must then redirect that money into the building of an infrastructure that is self-sustainable. We must fund our own businesses, residential development, educational systems, community development and more.

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However, before we can successfully do this, we must rescue the Black mind from the Eurocentric idea. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


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  • Born in Captivity: Psychopathology as a Legacy of Slavery