Donald Trump Rescinding Barack Obama’s DACA Order for Undocumented Immigrants

Donald Trump Rescinding Barack Obama’s DACA Order for Undocumented Immigrants

Donald Trump Rescinding Barack Obama's DACA Order for Undocumented Immigrants


While there is a whole lot of nothing that can be said about Donald Trump’s latest action — rescinding President Obama’s Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order, the truth is the theme for Blacks should boil down to this — it is not our fight.

First of all, the estimated 20 million-plus undocumented immigrants in this country are not in immediate danger as Congress has at least six months to draft legislation that would allow them to stay under some type of permanent status.

This was more political than anything. What we, as a race, must understand is that the Latino community is more than capable of defending itself, and it has never proven itself to be an ally of African Americans.

Because of our inherent proclivity toward relationships and a certain level of moral awareness, we tend to jump to the defense of everyone who finds themselves in harm’s way. The problem is that we never have our efforts reciprocated by those we look to support. Additionally, we must stop trying to help those who are in a better position to defend themselves than we are.

Where our focus should be right now is gaining a lucid perspicacity of how the estimated 20 million-plus undocumented immigrants in this country impact the total Black population. We must understand that while the first generation is considered undocumented immigrants, the children that they have here are American citizens — afforded all of the rights associated with American citizenship.

It is the second and third-generation immigrants that are making a major impression on the economy and, in many ways displacing Blacks in the workforce, entrepreneurial opportunities and political influence.

We must develop the capacity to effectively defend ourselves before we attempt to take on the conflicts of others. We must also ensure that we have reciprocated loyalty from those whom we chose to stand with. We have a long history of standing for others who never return the favor. That is a waste of resources that we don’t have the capacity.

Instead of jumping into every fight the lands in front of us, I suggest that we take the time to build think tanks and design programs that will facilitate our growth and place us in a position to move out of “last place” and make our presence felt here in this nation that was built on the blood and sweat of our ancestors. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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We can’t pretend that Black men, in significant numbers, have not found it to be an acceptable course of action to procreate and then abandon their progeny. We cannot pretend that the second leading cause of death for Black females between the age of 15 and 44 is intimate partner homicide (predominantly at the hands of Black men).

We can’t pretend that Black men have deemed to be acceptable to openly degrade and disrespect the Black woman. He has attached himself from his responsibilities as protector, provider, leader and more.

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