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Transgenderism: Entitlement vs Responsibility

Transgenderism: Entitlement vs Responsibility

Transgenderism: Entitlement vs Responsibility

Transgenderism: Entitlement vs Responsibility

Transgenderism: Entitlement vs Responsibility ~ Over the last several years there has been a number of incidents in which transgendered males presenting themselves as biological females have been assaulted and even killed by men they initially duped into believing that they were biological women.

First, allow me to clarify the point that I am not here to discuss the validity of the transgender reality, that will have to be tabled for another discussion at another time. I simply want to address the importance of responsibility as it relates to the sense of entitlement that is almost innately a part of the LGBTQ community.

When I used the word entitlement I am speaking specifically to the idea that the world must bend to the ideology of the LGBTQ community and accept in whole its existence — without challenge or descent. The community wants to use certain constitutional liberties to establish their right to live their life how they see fit while quenching those same rights for others to object.

I am a heterosexual male, and the lifestyle that I lead is not accepted or approved of by everyone, I have to be willing to accept that if I want to maintain my sanity and sense of psychological and social equilibrium. However, the LGBTQ does not allow any speech that rejects their way of life, which contrary to the very constitutional argument they make for their freedom to live as they choose. That same liberty must be extended to all others who operate and live under that same constitutional protection.

To enter into another person’s world who operates through a different ideology than yourself, as it pertains to sexuality and genderism, and present yourself as being a heterosexual (biological) female — without being 100 percent transparent about who you are — is a violation of that persons psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical sanctity. You have deceived and misled them into believing something that you knew wasn’t true. You have violated boundaries that have been put in place to protect that person’s value system and belief system. You made the unilateral decision to change the course of their life without their permission.

This recent incident with Bobby Valentino is just one of hundreds of cases in which transgender males are presenting themselves as biological women.

So that we are clear on what I am saying. I am not, at this time, addressing genderism and the idea that a person can be biologically male but feel completely as if they are all woman. What I am speaking about is the fact that the truth and details must be effectively communicated to any person who expresses romantic or sexual interest in you — no exceptions.

Your right to be who you are does not provide you with a pass to invade and ignore the rights of others. We cannot get to a place of harmony where there is no trust. Trust is compromised when people present themselves as something they are not, or through the omission of facts that illuminate who they are.

Accountability is an absolute must for any collective to thrive, and the individualized mindset of far too many Blacks leads to the attempt to circumvent accountability in search of hedonistic pleasure. This is not acceptable in the Black community and it will not be tolerated on any level. Those who violate the sanctity of others will be dealt with. We are building and framework is being put into place. We cannot allow behavior that is non-conducive to reaching our desired end to find its way into our midst. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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