Donald Trump How is Making America Great Again Coming Along for You?

Mr. President Donald Trump How is Making America Great Again Coming Along for You?

Donald Trump How is Making America Great Again Coming Along for You?I have one question for the president: Donald Trump How is Making America Great Again Coming Along for You? First of all, let me be lucidly clear here; America has never been great. The only thing America has been great in is in being the biggest imposter the World has ever known. American cannot be great when she is nothing close to the image that she presents to the world. She cannot establish herself as the moral compass that sets the direction of everything good for the entire world and is morally corrupt herself.

America’s greatest asset is deception and has become a master at it, and maybe that is what Donald Trump means by making her great again — enhancing the capacity for deception. Maybe Barack Obama was not deceptive and convoluted enough in his communication to hold the standard that has been true in America since her inception.

You can’t be great when your legacy was built on the back of slaves.

You can’t be great when you have dehumanized, demoralized and degraded an entire race of people with no cause and demonstrating no remorse.

But with all of that said, Mr. Trump how is making her great coming along for you. It isn’t as easy as you thought it would be, is it? Yeah, President Barack Obama made things seem much easier than it really is. I know that presidency of the United States is nothing more than a vassalage to a much greater source and center of power, but it still requires poise, confidence, and ability to manage situations — skills that you obviously lack.

There are cracks in the foundation of the racist structure on which this nation was built, and it is losing its stability. There are orifices in the cornerstone of institutional racism and the firm hold that was once in place isn’t as tight anymore. There is a revolution on the horizon — a revolution in which the weak will put to shame the mighty, and the one considered foolish will confound those who have declared themselves wise. Yes, making America great will be a first and it will have to be accomplished by a different regime. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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