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The Power of Propaganda In The Black Struggle

The Power of Propaganda In The Black Struggle: Media Spins Reverse Narrative of White Woman Killed by Black Cop

The Power of Propaganda In The Black Struggle

The Power of Propaganda In The Black Struggle

The power of propaganda in the Black struggle is far too underrated and marginalized. Yesterday I recorded a video talking about how the narrative would play out different now that a Black cop had killed a White woman. It didn’t take long to see the distinction between the narratives as far as what the media reports when a Black person is shot and killed by a White police officer and when a Blac police officer shoots and kills a white person.

The first distinction is that the Black officer was identified almost immediate where White officers are hidden until cover stories can be created. Second, the officer’s partner went on record saying he did not know why his partner fired his weapon — clearly throwing the Black Officer, Muhammad Noor, under the bus.

In this case, the Black officer has strikes against them, he is Black and he is a practicing Muslim. While this should not matter, we all know that it does.

Another clear distinction is observed in the manner in which the victim is being portrayed in the media. When a Black person is shot and killed, the media goes on an excavation in order to dig up any dirt they can find on the victim to get as close to justifying the shooting as possible. In this case, the victim was cast in the most positive light imaginable. She was presented as a healer, teacher, fiancee, and more. She is basically being seen as the All-American woman who had her life snuffed out far too early.

There is an obvious bias as to how the media portrays Blacks as opposed to Whites.

While many Blacks are surprised, confused, frustrated by the reverse narrative that is being told, I am not. I am not here about the reverse narrative as much as I am about emphasizing the point that we must invest in the development of Black-owned media so that we can tell our story our way.

One of the reasons that Blacks can be slaughtered in plain sight and there be little to no descent among non-Black citizens is due to the manner in which we are presented in the media. This is not just true in the news media but in every area of media distribution, including music, television programming, cinema and social media. We must own our image and protect it, producing a more holistic presentation of who we are as a collective.

Not only can we shift public opinion and drive public descent when a Black person experiences an injustice, but we can also change the way we see ourselves as a collective. We can literally create new possibilities when we own the media outlet. It is past time that we stop hoping and wishing that someone else tell our story and it is now time that we tell our own story our way! ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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