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My Mother’s Guilt My Father’s Sin

My Mother’s Guilt My Father’s Sin

My Mother's Guilt My Father's Sin


When I found out that Craig Samuels had finally published his book, My Mother’s Guilt My Father’s Sin: The Death of Innocense, I knew it would be something special. First of all, Craig Samuels is a man that when he speaks people listen. He holds a wealth of knowledge on any of a number of subjects and he is constantly dropping those pearls of knowledge for others to glean.

What moved me about this book is the transparency in which Craig allowed his life to unfold in such a transparent manner — the trauma, the mistakes, the hurt and pain he went through in order to become the man that he has become.

With the Black community consistently sweeping pathological behaviors under the rug — constantly ignoring the 10-ton elephant in the room — it is refreshing to see a Black man who is willing to confront these issues head on.

You cannot read this book and not be moved and stirred. Craig takes you on a ride from the darkest parts of his life to the resurgence of a man who is one of the most prolific speakers on the planet. If you want to talk history, metaphysics, quantum physics, the philosophy of human psychology and more, Craig Samuels is your guy. But, it didn’t all start there.

Craig invites you into his life, his hardships as a child, his struggles as a young man trying to escape the emotional scars of his childhood and his eventual emergence as a man of integrity, passion and purpose.

If we are going to ever rise as people, we are going to have to acknowledge the elephant in the room; we are going to have to be willing to lift up the rug and clean out the lumps from years and years of sweeping our unmentionable secrets under there. Craig Samuels has given us the blueprint and the testimony of what is possible. It is an exhilarating read. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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