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Kodak Black Says He Prefers Taylor Swift Over Keke Palmer

“Rapper,” Kodak Black Says He Prefers Taylor Swift Over Keke Palmer – Doesn’t Like Black Women



Once again, we have a self-proclaimed “rapper” spewing poison that attacks the sanctity of Black womanhood. We have seen the likes of Trick Daddy, Young Thug and others disrespect Black women without cause, and some were even celebrated. Now Kodak Black has gone on record to reveal that he does not really care for Black women. He prefers Taylor Swift over Keke Palmer.

Under any other circumstances, I would not waste my time addressing this, except for the fact that we are currently a race of people who are struggling mightily with an identity crisis that facilitates self-hatred and a massive inferiority complex. Additionally, I understand the origin of this madness, and it is necessary to bring light to the fact that this type of rhetoric is not random, nor is it a simple coincidence. Major labels are signing artists and controlling the material that they release. They are dictating the message from the mic.

It is imperative that Black men move against this type of poison with a force that is emphatic and intense. As for me, I will continue to speak out against this type of madness — speaking truth to power until truth reigns supreme. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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Dr. Wallace is one of the leading voices in the fight for Black equality by way of enriched and activated knowledge. He has invested over 60,000 hours in research to understand the plight, behavior, conditioning and state of the Black collective. He is also a brilliant strategist and financial conceptualist, who works with private clients to help them achieve their dreams.

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