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Blacks Lives Matter Has ‘Plantation Mentality’ ~ Former Black Panther!


 Opening Commentary

Over the last several months, there has been a great deal of debate concerning the effectiveness and validity of the Black Lives Matter movement. As far as its model, I actually like it. The model is not built on one central figure, or even one central location, which would make it an easy target. This has been a problem in the past, with movements. Leaders were easily identified by the opposition and neutralized.

I have purposely remained silent as far as offering any formal judgment of the organization without having adequate evidence to support my assessment; however, I have to admit that there are a number of things that concern me. First and foremost is the lack of the mention of the role of the black man in the rise and empowerment of the black nation. When examining their site, the black man is all but omitted, although he is supposed to be the catalyst of the movement.

The manner in which the movement is being funded also provides some reason for alarm. According to my research, the Democracy Alliance, an all-White cast, with the exception of one Black — Steve Phillips, and headed by billionaire, George Soros provides the funding.

The agenda of this organization must be examined with great scrutiny, because there are too many red flags to ignore. The following short article that was initially published by Urban Intellectuals offers the point of view of Elaine Brown, a former Black Panter. She offers a straightforward and interesting take of the Black Lives Matter Movement. It leaves to be answered, this one question: Does the movement offer a viable solution for Black empowerment and elevation? ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Blacks Lives Matter Has ‘Plantation Mentality’ Says Former Black Panther!

“The next wave of young people running out here, who are complaining and protesting about the murders of young black men and women by the police all over the country, they will protest but they will not rise up in an organized fashion, with an agenda, to create revolutionary change… We advocated community self-defense organizations to be formed, so that we would not be assaulted by the police, so that we would bear arms and assume our human rights.”

These were harsh words from Elaine Brown, a former Black Panther, regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

She basically said she has no idea what they do an went even further accusing the movement of having ‘plantation mentality’.

Rejecting the idea that the movement is building on the legacy of the civil rights movement and groups like the Black Panthers, she said:

“This to me is a plantation mentality,” and “It smacks of ‘master, if you would just treat me right.’ And it has nothing to do with self-determination, empowerment and a sense of justice, or anything else.”

Black Lives Matter


And regarding the BLM’s meeting with Hilary Clinton, she said:

“I was ashamed of them for asking that racist warmonger what she thought of black people.”

Well, these are very harsh words from a woman that commands respect! And, seriously, even if you stand with BLM whole heartedly her plantation remarks are sure to leave a burn and a shred of doubt over some of the protest actions.

What do you think?

Elaine’s comments came from an article in Spiked Online that you must read! The article where Elaine discusses the degradation of black liberation can be read here.

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