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Ciara & Russell Wilson ~ Demolishing the Double Standard

Ciara & Russell Wilson ~ Demolishing the Double Standard

Ciara & Russell Wilson ~ Demolishing the Double Standard

Rick Wallace, Ph.D. | Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – Facebook | 45 Reads

Initially published on Facebook.

Ciara & Russell Wilson ~ Demolishing the Double StandardTiffany Banks, first of all, thank you for sharing this link (http://zazaali.blogspot.com/2016/03…) originally. It is definitely a topic that needs to be discussed. So, here goes.

There is definitely a double standard when it comes to the way that the black culture assesses the worthiness of our women, when placed in juxtaposition with the manner in which we judge our men. Yes, I have read the comments on a number of social media platforms that refer to Ciara as a “whore” while making no mention of the fact that Future has children by multiple women.

This double-standard has existed for longer than I am capable of remembering, and if we don’t deal with this enigmatic issue, we are never going to develop the foundation on which we can build anything powerful enough to overcome the oppressive force moving against us.

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When I see black men so easily disparage black women for their poor decisions in choosing “worthless and disloyal” black men, it baffles me. Because this woman cannot be a single mother without a man who decided that it was an acceptable course of action to procreate and abandon his progeny, but rarely is anything ever said about the man when men, and many women, are addressing this type of behavior. There is very little accountability when it comes to the irresponsible behavior of black men, and the majority of the accountability that is demanded is coming from outside of the black male population — with the exception of a few brothers who are willing to call it like it is.

First of all, for a black man to have the right to speak ill of a black woman in such a way as to call her a “whore” based on the number of children she has had out of wedlock (personally, I believe it is the responsibility of the black man to love the black woman back to life), he, himself, must be without blemish. When I say without blemish, I don’t simply mean not have children out of wedlock, I mean he cannot have slept with a woman out of wedlock that he is not still with — meaning that he understands the implications associated with his actions.

Ciara & Russell Wilson ~ Demolishing the Double Standard 

Please don’t misconstrue what I am saying. I am not giving black women a pass for their poor choices and erroneous behavior; however, I am calling black men to live by the same standard that you are demanding. For every woman that you have slept with, and left behind, regardless of whether procreation took place, you have left a fractured soul that was a little more susceptible to the manipulation of another man who will do the same thing to her that you did. So unless you are married to your first, or a virgin, you have played a role in this madness. And, even the one who believes he is squeaky clean, you should still feel a sense of responsibility to facilitate the healing of our women.

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Personally, I am a long way from perfect, and I am far too cognizant of the fact that my skeletons occupy quite a bit of space in my closet, but I have never attempted to hide them — the closet door is always wide open. What I am proud of is the fact that I didn’t give up on myself, my children or their mothers, and yes I have been married more than once, and I have children my multiple women. What I can say in all of this is while I failed miserably in the relationship category early on, I continue to fight daily to honor and protect my children, and the women who bore them. I guess my situation is different because they have only borne children for me. Nevertheless, one of the reasons I still do what I do for them is because many black men will come along and devalue them because of something I had a role in creating, and for that reason, I have their back.

In addition to looking after my own, I have taken on the responsibility of looking after the seeds of other black men who have abdicated their roles in the lives of their children. No, I am not a hero for doing what I do. I am simply a man that is fighting with all of his might to lift his people out of a place of darkness. The truth is that we have a single parent household rate of nearly 75 percent — triple what it was in the 60s. So, we are going to have to readjust our view of the nuclear family and act accordingly, and it also means that having children out of wedlock has cost us dearly, and it can never be viewed as acceptable.

In order to repair the breach, women are going to have to being willing to support the efforts of their men being active with their children from previous relationships. In fact, they should demand it. After all, the divorce rate among African Americans suggests that they could be in that position in the future.

I am not here to judge Ciara or Future. They are simply a microcosm of a much bigger issue, and if we don’t stop pointing the finger, and take action, we are going to continue to regress as a race of people. I commend Russell Wilson for looking passed what others wouldn’t in order to see the heart of the woman who he has decided to marry. Unfortunately, he is an anomaly. We need more men to get passed themselves to see the women who have good hearts and possess loyalty. Warning: It will take some work, because we have done a number on one another over the years.

Finally, ladies, when you meet a guy who is willing to come into your life despite the complexity of the manifestations of your passed decisions — I refuse to call kids baggage — appreciate his love, his protection, his covering, and if he has children outside of the relationship, give him the support he needs to handle that the way it should be. No, your family will not look the way that the family looked in the 60s, but it can be just as strong, or stronger, once the selfishness has been expelled from the relationship. It is time to build the black family nucleus and it begins with black men loving our women back to life, and black women getting out of their own way so that we can do it. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

Read ZaZa Ali’s assessment of this situation here. It was her article that inspired this post.

Read here: http://zazaali.blogspot.com/2016/03/ciara-has-hoe-miles-cosby-has-good.html


Over the past 20 years, Dr. Wallace has invested more than 45,000 hours of research into understanding the scientific implications of white supremacy and how they have directly impacted African Americans in all nine areas of human activity, which include economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. He has spent a substantial amount of time attempting to answer the question of why blacks seem incapable of overcoming the barrier of racism despite the fact that the solution has been placed before them.

The preponderance of the evidence that Dr. Wallace has examined has provided him with a lucid perspicacity of the complex dynamic at play — a dynamic that includes psychological, sociological, economic and political oppression that is executed through multitudinous pernicious machinations. He has used this information to develop what he calls The Black Community Empowerment Blueprint 1.0. This blueprint is a comprehensive strategy that addresses every area of concern for the black collective in great detail. Dr. Wallace has also disseminated his findings in a number of literary works, including his latest book, The Mis-education of Black Youth in America.

Currently, Dr. Wallace is moving into the second phase of his research, transitioning from inductive research to deductive research for the purpose of advancing and introducing certain scientific theories associated with the African American experience. To this date, Dr. Wallace’s research has proven to be immensely valuable, as he develops social programs to counter external influences, lectures to African Americans across the nation and develops a comprehensive blueprint capable of facilitating the complete elevation and empowerment of African Americans, as well as the complete diaspora in time, but the cost of research can be quite exorbitant, especially when he is investing between 55-85 hours per week.

To this point, all funding has been covered by Dr. Wallace himself. He is currently seeking research funding, but due to the specific focus of his research, traditional channels, such as government, academic and private grants are not an option. While he currently has a couple interested sponsors, both of them are non-blacks, which speaks volumes. While Dr. Wallace has committed to proceeding at all cost, the support of the community and people he is fighting for will prove highly beneficial in multitudinous ways.

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